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Foreign language is one of the most chosen and sought after career skills these days. Students and parents seek a global connection to their education with the evolving education system and career opportunities. Language skills are important tools of strengthening personal and professional growth. These days, there are various language learning companies, institutes, and universities in India offering advanced language learning courses to students and professionals. The University of Delhi also offers certificate and diploma courses in foreign languages at a very nominal fee structure.

Satyawati College has been associated with this initiative and functions as a one of the chosen centres for the past 25 years. Two language courses, namely German and French run in the college in both odd and even semesters. These language classes commence early,  and do not interfere with regular college hours. It is a self-financing course for both certificate and diploma in German and French. Faculty members are appointed by the University and Satyawati college facilitates the infrastructure for a smooth teaching learning environment. There are dedicated non-teaching members of the college who work in close coordination with University officials in running this course.

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