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Family Counselling Centre (FCC)


Anita Samkaria
Dr. Poonam Singh

Aim and Motto

The Family Counselling Centre aims to sensitise students about gender issues. It seeks to create an enabling environment through programmes that are aimed at promoting awareness about gender issues. The Centre also provides professional counselling services to all the members of the institution. The FCC motto‚ "Let's Talk!",  underscores its commitment to the creation of a gender-responsive society.

Participation and Achievements of Students

Our students have actively engaged in discussions about gender-based discrimination. They have shown a keen interest in enhancing their understanding of gender by reading books housed in the FCC library. They have been keen participants in the programmes organised by FCC.

  1. ​Discussion on "Youth, Covid-19 & Stress Management"‚ held on 27th Nov. 2020 in collaboration with ‚Politikos, Department of Political Science, Satyawati College.

  2.  Webinar on "Jhansi ki Rani: The Visible and the Vulnerable" (8th Mar 2021)  to mark International Women's  Day in collaboration with Foreign Students Advisory Committee, Satyawati College.

  3. Online counselling session on "Students Worries and Anxieties during the Pandemic" held on 24th Jul 2021 by Ms. Anjali Sinha (FCC, Counsellor).

  4. Workshop on "gender issues and regular Tele counselling of students by Ms. Anjali Sinha (FCC, Counsellor).


Ms. Anjali Sinha


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