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Medical Room

About Us

Room Number 20, of the old building, has been converted into a well-equipped medical room with a well-trained nurse to provide necessary first aid to the students in a time of emergency. Students and staff members may also consult visiting Doctors between 10 AM to 1 PM on regular working days. We also organize health checkup camps from time to time. Health advisory on prevention of various illnesses like Corona Virus, Swine flu, dengue fever etc. is also a regular feature. The Doctor has been providing guidance to the faculty telephonically throughout the covid. The college also organized webinars by Doctor N.C. Gupta to address the post covid health issues on 21.09.2021.
Students will be provided first aid only on the premises in case of a medical eventuality. In case of emergency, the college shall only inform the parents telephonically and parents will be expected to reach college at the earliest.


There are three types of claims which received by the Section.
1. Claims received under ‘Direct Payment Facility’ in which an employee gets the in-patient treatment
at the empanelled hospital under cashless facility.
2. Claims received under ‘Reimbursement Facility’ in which an employee gets the in-patient treatment
at the empanelled hospital by paying first and submit the claim for reimbursement.
3. Claims received under ‘Out-Patient Deptt.’ (OPD) in which an employee gets the OPD treatment
from the Authorized Medical Attendance (empanelled Doctors and OPD of empanelled hospitals) by
paying themselves and submits the claim for reimbursement.
The following steps are involved in the processing of passing medical reimbursement claims:
(i) Receipt and diary of medical reimbursement claim.
(ii) To scrutinize and processing of the claim as per CGHS rules and rates.
(iii) To raise objection, if any.
(iv) To pass the claim.
(v) To send the claim for release of payment to Account Section And;
(vi) Payment being sent to the respective claimants’ savings bank account through ECS/NEFT.



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