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About Us

The college library was established with the inception of the college that dates back to the nineteen seventies. According to Dr. Radhakrishnan, the library is the heart of an institution. It is also known as the "Information Centre" due to its indispensability in the teaching-learning process. It occupies a two-storied building inside the College Campus and has been named after founder Principal Dr. Haldar. It is a user-based centre of learning with necessary resources that meet all the academic and research needs regarding learning, teaching, research, and training programs. The Library is enriched with a vast collection of print and electronic resources in all areas of academic interest. The Library has a fairly large seating capacity of more than 120 users and a separate reading room section for faculty members.
It has a collection of more than seventy-eight thousand and is ever-growing with new additions every year. The library has an impressive collection of reference books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlas, yearbooks etc. The Library subscribes to a total of 25 newspapers and 20 magazines/Journals. It has customized computers with internet facilities and learning aids like Braille reading material, especially catering to our differently-abled students. Apart from these, it is also well equipped with modern-day teaching-learning apparatus such as LCD projector and Computer Cabin.
The Library also provides access to high-quality electronic databases subscribed by Delhi University Library System (DULS) for its users. There are two reading halls in the Library, one each for students and teachers. The Online Public Access Catalogue OPAC) is in place to ensure easy access of books to the users.
In the present era, especially post COVID and the advent of the new age blended mode of learning, the role of electronic media to update users cannot be ignored. Hence, to cater to the needs of the college fraternity, the library has subscribed to some of the significant databases of e-books and e-journals viz. N-LIST. Apart from this, the users can access the online database subscribed to by the Delhi University Library.


- Membership: The Membership of the library is open for the teaching staff, students and non-teaching staff of Satyawati College. A non-member is not admitted to the library without special permission from the Principal, Satyawati College.

- Library Hours: The library remains open Monday to Saturday (except for Gazette Holidays) from 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. for the users.

- Loss of Library Membership Card (I-Card): A student who loses or damages his/her Identity Card shall make a written report to the Office of the College and she/he will be issued a duplicate Identity Card from the Office of the College as per College rules. Member shall be held responsible for any misuse of lost or damaged Identity Card.

- Borrowing of Books: Books can be borrowed from the Library on any working day i.e. Monday to Friday (except for Gazetted Holidays) between 9.30 a.m. to 03.00 p.m. on the production of a valid membership card (I-Card). The Library follows open access systems, whereby, the borrowers can select the books of their choice. The borrowers will have to produce the books with the valid membership Card (I-Card) to the Counter Assistant on the Circulation Counters for the purpose of borrowing and returning of books. Before borrowing the books, the Borrowers must satisfy themselves about any mutilation or damage to the physical condition of the books, otherwise, they would be held responsible for the same at the time of returning the book. The users will be required to replace the lost copy with its new copy failing which she/he will be charged the current cost of the book and in case of damaged books, the repair charges have to be borne by the user. A book issued to a library member may be reserved for borrowing by other library members by filling up the book reservation form. The Reference and Rare Books are not to be issued and available for consultation only in the Library premises. The Librarian reserves the right to recall any book from the user at any time before the due date if the situation so warrants.

- Fine: If the user fails to return the book by the due date, he/she will be charged a Rs. 1/- Per Volume per day. The user who repeatedly fails to return the books on the due date will lose the privilege of membership.

- Library Membership Card: The Identify Card issued to the students from the College is also their Library Membership Card. The Books are issued to the users on the production of a valid Identity Card. The number of books and the period of loan/borrowing of books for different category of members are as in the image attached above.

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