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Environmental Academic & Research Centre

About Us

The Environmental Academic and Research Centre is equipped with modern-day technologically advanced tools and apparatus for new-age research. The laboratory is fitted with smart boards with projectors for the smooth running of presentations and more lucid and active interactive teaching-learning sessions. In order to make our students environmentally aware with a motto to offer them more environmentally friendly alternative solutions, there are many scientific devices available for the accurate collection of scientific data. Experiments conducted in the laboratory supported by information technology and theoretical knowledge will help our students optimize this experience in the practical world in regards to pollution, climate, biodiversity to name a few.

To fulfil the requirement of laboratory research, an environmental biotechnology and cell culture lab is established. We have also received several funding from the different funding agencies of Govt of India Research labs. These are facilitated with all the high equipment such as Laminar Hood, CO2 incubators, Water bath, ELISA Reader, BOD, Autoclave, Electrophoresis unit, Microscopes: Inverted and Upright fluorescent microscopes, PH meter, Hot Air Oven, Bacteriological Incubator, PCR machine, Non-ionizing Radiation exposure system setup, Liquid nitrogen tanks, refrigerated centrifuge, -800 Deep freezer, Spectrophotometer, UV-Igtogikhokrato, K, Ice-flaking Machine etc. With the appropriate use of laboratory equipment, students can leam and generate research-based ideas. Radiation biology work is also going in the laboratory for the detection of the effect of radiation exposure on human health. Ambient levels of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiations have risen sharply in the last few decades to become a ubiquitous, continuous, biologically active environmental pollutant, in urban and rural areas. In order, to examine the effect of such environmental pollutants (non-ionizing radiation), a Radiation Exposure setup has also been established in the Environmental lab.

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