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About Us

Satyawati College is one of the few colleges under the University of Delhi that offers diverse, interesting and best sports facilities. Department of Physical Education is actively involved in guiding our students to excel in sports. Our college also offers Physical Education as a Generic Elective subject to all honours and programme courses. There is a double-storey Sports Complex with a well maintained Gymnasium and Indoor Table Tennis Court open for all students in college. The lush green sports ground has a well laid out cricket pitch. Along with the Cricket pitch, our ground also has Kho Kho, Basketball and Kabaddi courts. Each year Annual sports day is celebrated where a variety of Sporting Events are held for both students and staff members. Sandeep Suri Memorial Cricket Tournament is our annual extravaganza that witnesses the widespread participation of many cricket teams from all over Delhi/NCR. Our wrestling team has been the defending champions in the Inter-University competitions for the last three years. Our cricket team has been successfully representing the college in various cricket tournaments. We also conduct sporting events for our differently-abled students. We are proud to declare, that many of our students have brought laurels and even represented the country in National and International events. College Initiative
Satyawati College has also installed solar power panels inside the campus, thus joining several other DU colleges hand in hand in creating a more sustainable, environment friendly campus. It is also a smart move to make every possible effort in becoming self-sufficient and generate sufficient electricity in the coming years. The college will reportedly be saving up to 30 per cent on power bills in the future.
Solar panels are generally installed in vacant terraces and the same has been done in our college which has been a value-adding asset. The Solar Power Plant a 100 KW solar power has been installed in the college rooftop of the old building and new building and has been operational since 19.06.2018. It has been producing clean energy, absorbing heat to lower indoor room temperature and most importantly positively impacting our campus environment.
Reducing operational costs, environmental impact and space availability is just the beginning of this environmental friendly endeavour.
One of the major achievements of solar energy in our college has been that power generation from the sun is a round the clock initiative. When our institution is on a break during summer, winter or festivals, the solar power system continues to produce power.

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