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Organization Setup

The college is governed by the Governing Body (G.B) consisting of 20 members: 

  1. Twelve   persons to be nominated by the Govt. of NCT of Delhi, out of which six persons will be from the panel of names sent by the University to the Govt. of NCT of Delhi

  2. Two  University Representatives to be nominated by  the University of Delhi 

  3. Principal of the Day College - Ex-officio (Member-Secretary)

  4. Principal of the Evening College 

  5. Two Teacher representatives from the Day college 

  6. Two  Teacher representatives from the Evening college 

Special Invitee of Governing Body 

  1. One from Non-teaching Staff from the Day College 

  2. One from Non-teaching Staff from the Evening College 


The Governing body is headed by the Chairman of the governing body. The Chairman was elected among the members of the Governing Body. The Treasurer is appointed by the Governing Body from among its own members.

The college is headed by the Principal as well as who is the executive officer of the college. The Principal is assisted by Vice-Principal, Bursar, Administrative Officer, Librarian, SO (Accounts), SO (Admin.).

Organization Hierarchy 


1.) Principal 

2.) Vice-Principal 

3.) Administrative Officer - assisted by Section Officers 

4.) Librarian - assisted by Professional and Semi-Professional Assistants

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