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Programs and FDPs

                     Summary of IQAC meetings and activities - November 2020-December 2021


IQAC committee was constituted on 10.11.20 vide office order SC/ADMN/PA-193/2019

Meeting 1 -17.11.20 (online) -Promotion
Minutes – Discussion regarding professor application screening , importance of plagiarism report , undertaking to be given by applicants for earlier publications. 


Meeting 2 - 15.12.20 - Plan of Action for 2020-2021. 
Minutes - Certain key areas for emphasis were identified which included:

  • Boosting research activities of faculty members by organising relevant professional development programs. Also similar programs for non- teaching staff.

  • TICs and Committee convenors to organise meaningful programs to engage students productively.

  • Facilitate library digitisation.

  • Arrange free add-on courses for students 

  • Expedite promotion of faculty members at all levels 

  • Push for infrastructural expansion and renovation of existing facilities, especially auditorium and seminar room.

  • Encourage use of ICT pedagogical tools for online teaching 

  • Establish effective mentoring program 

  • Creation of separate NAAC and IQAC rooms

  • Purchase of institutional Zoom subscription for facilitation of webinars and conferences.


Meeting 3 - 6.1.21 - Promotion
Minutes – The Scrutiny Committee recommended that new summaries be made by Prof applicants in the light of revised API scores. The same was communicated to the applicants.


Meeting 4 – 14.1.21 – NAAC Preparation
Minutes –

  • Separate email id be made for IQAC for faster communication between committee and faculty members.

  • All departments /committees to inform IQAC regarding all dept activities for approval from Principal and to enable IQAC to maintain data of activities.

  • College website to be updated

  • A week-long training programme for non-teaching staff on administrative matters to be organized

  • Proposal to rationalize the walkway outside Principal’s office for decongesting the passage outside.

  • All pending repair works for auditorium and other infrastructural maintenance to be expedited by concerned committees.

  • A record be kept of remedial measures taken for student support.


Meeting 5 – 2.2.21 – NAAC Preparation
Minutes –

  • Mentor-mentee groups to be formed

  • Inputs to be taken from different departments regarding use of ICT tools

  • TICs to give information regarding academic achievements of department members

Meeting 6 – 22.3.21 - NAAC preparation


  • Expansion of core NAAC committees

  • Formation of different whatsapp groups  with TICs, Convenors

  • Customised forms to be generated by website team and collected for website updation

  • Principal to have meetings with all TICs and Convenors to inform about NAAC requirements.

Meeting 7 – 2.07.21- (Online) Promotion


  • Discussion of issues pertaining to applications  for the second round of promotions. 

  • Eligible faculty members to submit application forms with supporting documents by 15.7.21

  • Organising relevant programmes for all stakeholders.

Meeting 8 – 22.07.21 Promotion


  • Committee examined the PBAS/promotion application forms. It was realized that required information be condensed in summary forms  by all applicants.

  • Summary forms as outlined in SOP to be sent to all applicants, to be submitted physically or online.

  • Discussion about upcoming webinar on ‘Students Anxieties and Worries during Pandemic’ to be organized by IQAC in collaboration with Foreign students Advisory Committee

Meeting 9 – 6.8 21 – Promotion

Minutes – Committee decided to circulate additional summary proformas for Professor applicants pertaining to their research and publications as recommended by Scrutiny expert. 

Meeting 10– 18.08.21 -Promotion

Minutes – Screening of application forms to ensure all relevant information is presented in required format.


Meeting 11 - 26.0821 – Promotion

Minutes - The application screening process was continued. Professor applicants were called to clarify certain information.

Meeting 12 – 8.09.21 – Promotion

Minutes – Screening process continued. Issues of acceptable article length and plagiarism reports in readable format were highlighted.

Meeting 13 – 13.09.21 –(Online) NAAC Preparation/ Proposed IQAC events 


  • Discussion regarding formation of different committees to gather information for NAAC purpose under different categories

  • Need of organizing FDPs and workshops for faculty progression.

  • Improving the college infrastructure, upgradation of library resources and access to e-learning portals was discussed

  • A proposed talk by Dr N C Gupta, orthopaedic surgeon , on Pain management was considered relevant in the post-Covid scenario

Meeting 14 – 22.09.21 – Promotion

Minutes – the application screening process was continued.

Meeting 15 – 29.09.21 – Promotion

Minutes -  Screening of promotion forms was continued. Dr Rajrani Sharma’s resubmitted form was sent on for further action after her retraction of the article objected to by the university.  

Meeting 16 – 05.10.21 – NAAC preparation


  • To explore possible add-on courses for students.

  • To shift college documents from fibre porta-cabins near the nursery to within the college complex

  • Request urgently for a dedicated IQAC room for secure storage of all important material

  • Request Research Committee to organize an FDP  for faculty progression in collaboration with IQAC.

  • To encourage MOUs/collaborations  with suitable organisations for student skill-enhancement

  • To provide a dedicated NAAC room for maintaining records systematically

  • Cleanliness drive to remove old posters from notice-boards  

Meeting 17 – 13.10.21 – (Online) – NAAC Preparation

Minutes – 

  • An English Language  Lab to be set up to assist students’ language skills, necessary for clearing IELTS/TOEFL exams needed for admission to foreign universities.

  • Initiating vocational courses by collaborating with MSMEs for students benefit

Meeting 18 – 20.10.21 – NAAC Preparation


  • Initiatives discussed for enhancing academic and infrastructural resources of the college

  • Approval given to two add-on courses as per NAAC requirements. ‘Global Political Economy’ offered jointly by Political science and Economics Depts and ‘A Practical Introduction to Academic Writing’ offered by the Economics dept.

  • NAAC requires submission of AQARs for the last 5 years (2017-2021). Previous convenors Dr. Prabha Singhal (2016-2017) and Dr. Raghunath Saket (2017-2020 ) to be requested by IQAC to submit annual reports for their tenures within a week.  


Meeting 19 – 16.11.21 – (Online) NAAC Preparation/IQAC events

Minutes – 

  • It was suggested that Orientation programmes be held for newly admitted students to inform specially about mentor-mentee group formation

  • To inform new students about the existence and role of Internal Complaints Committee

  • Proposed add-on courses to be offered by IQAC on ‘Problem Solving for Excellence’ and by the Sanskrit Dept discussed.

Meeting 20 - 16.12.21- regarding AQAR submission of 5 years on NAAC portal for second cycle of accreditation 


  • The committee went through the AQAR reports submitted by Dr. Raghunath Saket for years 2017-2018, 2018-2019 and 2019-2020.

  • Most of the information was found to be incomplete. All data was provisional. It was unsuitable to fulfill the prescribed NAAC guidelines. It was proposed he be informed of the same and be requested to provide complete information along with the minutes of meetings.

  • An Alumni wall of illustrious alumni was proposed to be created for inspiring students.

  • A registration form with bank account no. be created for allowing alumni donations to the institution.

Meeting 21 - 23.12.21 - AQAR submission and other related issues

Minutes - Following the discussion of the previous meeting, it was informed that the previous IQAC Convenor, Dr. Raghunath Saket had still not done the needful regarding necessary information required for completion of AQARs of years 2017-2020.

  • The urgency of timely submission of all AQARs was again highlighted.

  • Strong objection was taken to a letter sent by Dr Saket to the Chairperson IQAC, the Principal. Committee members rejected it as containing false and misleading information.

  • Issue of feedback taken from different stakeholders was discussed. Feedback received has been analysed and necessary actions taken to augment teaching-learning process.

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