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Listed below are some of the initiatives undertaken by the IQAC:

Screening of applications for Promotions:

- In spite of the constraints due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the IQAC constituted screening committees to facilitate and expedite the long-pending promotions for faculty members. Committee members facilitated the entire process in a time-bound manner that contributed to smooth and rapid promotions at all levels. The first phase of promotions saw movement from different levels to higher levels as per the details given below.

Level 10-11 – 54 faculty members 

Level 11-12 – 47 faculty members

Level 12-13 – 14 faculty members

Level 13-14 – 8 faculty members 

Currently, fresh applications have been called and are being screened for the next round of promotions. Regular meetings of the IQAC have been held for conducting this exercise.


Improvement of college infrastructure :

As part of its mandate, the IQAC is also entrusted with the task of infrastructural improvements and optimal utilisation of the given physical space and Human Resource. For this, the IQAC took the following decisions and actions:


  • Space for IQAC/NAAC :

As college NAAC is due in 2021 and regular meetings are required for the preparations of NAAC, in this regard,  IQAC suggested allocation of dedicated rooms for NAAC and IQAC committees for smooth functioning and safe record-keeping, required for submission of annual reports to various University bodies.

  • Record keeping:

For systematic and safe record-keeping of college documents, there is an urgent need to move documents from the fibre porta-cabins to the administrative block of the college. The suggestion for creating record-keeping space and almirahs with locks and keys have been forwarded to the administration to expedite the process.

  • Environmental and physical security:

The IQAC is also trying to make the campus environment friendly and alcohol - tobacco-free, and taking various steps for a visually aesthetic and secure campus. 


Other Initiatives/recommendations 

  • IQAC recommended the purchase of a Zoom subscription for 500 participants for conducting national/international conferences.

  • Digitisation of library resources and improvement of library infrastructure has been recommended and initiated.

  • Computer labs need to be upgraded by replacing old systems with new ones. The new software would facilitate the different practical tasks including the admissions process.

  • The need to renovate the auditorium and seminar room and set up another seminar room to facilitate academic activities has been highlighted.

  • Renovation of the canteen and enhancement of students leisure space to decongest the corridors and ensure a peaceful environment for holding classes has been recommended.

  • The Girls Common Room also requires complete renovation to impart a refreshing ambience.

  • The toilets too need to be upgraded. 

  • All aspects of the college infrastructure need to be modernised to provide a dynamic look and the different committees in charge of different issues have to be motivated to execute their mandate properly.

 Academic Upskilling :

  • The IQAC recommended the setting up of an English Lab to enable students to improve the English language skills necessary for getting admissions for foreign universities. Add-on courses of 30 hours duration would help students to prepare for IELTS/ TOEFL etc.

  •  Collaboration with MSMEs by signing MOU with relevant organisations would encourage students to acquire some practical skills and vocational abilities.

  • The different departments are advised to design suitable add-on courses to enable students to improve their IQ and EQ skills.

Quality Assurance Initiatives

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