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Arts and Culture Society


Mr. Ajay Kumar

Aim and Moto

Arts and Culture Society is one of the most prominent
society of our college with around 200-300 members. Society is not just restricted to a particular course or department rather it brings all the students of college together under an umbrella to explore their hidden talents of art, dance, singing, fashion, etc. The members of society get a chance to nurture their talents well under the supreme guidance of their seniors. The society is a sequel of the efforts of the members to keep the respect for our cultures, intact.

Participations and Achievements of Students

College team participated various govt. and non govt organigation time to time.


Online kavi sammelan, rangoli competition, dance, fashion, art and craft show conducted


Dr. Kavita Rajan
Dr.Vinod Kumar Choubey
Mr. Jiya lal
Dr. Nishant
Dr. Nishant Yadav
Dr. Suraj

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