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North East Society


Aim and Moto

The North East Society of Satyawati College aims to explore the rich cultural diversity of the eight states collectively known as the Northeast region of India. It welcomes all students of the college who wish to learn about this region and aims to spread awareness amongst the college community to amalgamate the nation with the iridescent cultures of Northeast India. It has been the constant endeavor of this society to provide a platform to the students living outside Northeast and activities are carefully chosen to help them affirm their identity, to acquaint them with the socio-political realities and to help and assist them emotionally and psychologically. The Northeast Society is a very active society with a dedicated team of office bearers elected every year who work under the mentorship of enthusiastic teachers who volunteer to guide the students. The society focuses on the issues relating to the Northeast and organizes activities around this theme which includes screening relevant movies and documentaries, inviting scholars and speakers with expertise on the issues pertaining to the Northeast. The society organizes seminars and discussions with authors who have written books about the region. The Pandemic has brought the activities to a grinding halt and the Society has been working in online mode to help the students cope with the problems caused by the unprecedented scenario.

Participations and Achievements of Students

North East Society predominantly participates in admission process through Help Desk for specially guiding the North Eastern applicants. The members of the Society have been consistent and proactive in the domain of sports. There is a dedicated football team which has taken part in the annual NESSDU Sports Meet recurrently.


- Orientation Programme to introduce the Freshers to the goals of the society and the faculty members involved in its functioning.
- A Welcome Program for the Freshers.
The Society had organised a talk on “Conflict and Writing in Northeast India” by Dr. Rakhee Kalita, Associate professor, Department of English, Cotton University on 18th September 2017.
- A National Seminar was organised in association with SC/ST Advisory Commitee on 31st January,2018. The seminar topic was “Recasting the Subaltern: Visual Media in the Northeast India”.
- The Hindi Literature Festival ,under the aegis of Hindi Academy ,Delhi, hosted by Satyawati College(M), from 22nd to 24th March,2018
A screening of “Phum Shang”, an internationally award winning documentary by acclaimed director Haobam Paban Kumar on the 4th of September 2018.
- Hosted Author and Journalist Purabi Sridhar, on the 25th of October 2018. The author spoke at length on her book The Seven Sisters Kitchen Tales From the North East.
- A Sight Seeing Tour of Delhi cum Picnic was organized on 30th January 2019 encompassing various monuments of historical grandeur like Purana Quila, Humayun’s Tomb, Lodhi Garden and Agrasen Ki Baoli that enabled the students to rediscover India.
- A talk on the Citizenship Amendment Bill was organized on the 28th of March 2019. It was delivered by Dr Seram Rojesh , Activist, Journalist, currently working as Communication Officer in the Human Rights Law Network New Delhi.
- An Interaction with N. Bobo Meitei author of Tales of Human Mischief was held on 26th August, 2019
- A Screening of a Manipuri documentary film Gun and a God by Sonia Nepram was organized on 5thOctober, 2019.
- The annual North East Society Fest ENAJORI, a celebration of the vibrant culture of the region comprising of dance and musical extravaganza.


Dr. Anjla Upadhyay
Mr. Pravin Kumar (English)
Dr. Neelam Mittal
Dr. Ashutosh Trivedi
Dr. S.K. Mishra
Ms. Raheena
Ms. Mili Aishwarya
Mr. Anupam Sunny

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