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Satyawati College provides a range of student services, engaging them with a culture of support, development, and mental as well as physical well-being. A holistic environment wherein our students, across departments, are pushed towards occupying the spaces that provide academic support, career counselling, further motivating them towards achieving their goals and aspirations.

Equal Opportunity Cell Support for differently-abled students offers them guidance and by taking care of their general concerns emanating from the learning environment, our college is well-equipped with creating exclusivity. Audiobooks, DAISY devices, CDs, Braille printers, Angel Pro and Braille formats which include more than 200 books further make the learning space accessible.

The well-equipped college gymnasium allows the students to take the necessary steps towards a healthier lifestyle. It provides them access to fitness facilities and the space encompasses a considerable array of weight machines, cardio equipment and free weights. The gym houses a wide variety of exercising equipment such as bench press, exercise bikes, treadmills and much more. The equipment is carefully chosen to help build an all-around healthy and active body of students. Instructors are also available to guide students for proper handling of equipment and the best execution of the exercise. The students are also involved in practising yoga by attending yoga classes from 8 – 10 am throughout the year. A yoga instructor is also available to the students for assistance with the exercises. When sports competitions are organized, students are trained under conditioning classes which benefit them in gaining fitness for different games. This measure of thorough training ensures that the students become well-prepared for the various sports they shall be participating in during the competition. The aim of providing such an environment to the students is to facilitate a balance between mental and physical health.

The Family Counselling Centre of the college introduces to the students an extensive understating of gender issues, women empowerment, and social well-being. The centre conducts regular counselling by the FCC counsellor Miss Anjali Sinha who guides students by enlightening them about the measures to be undertaken for stress management. The centre regularly organizes group discussions, documentary screenings, creative writing competitions, workshops, and talks pertaining to domestic violence, sexual harassment at professional spaces, further sensitizing students about gender issues. Apart from these activities the centre also maintains a wall magazine for the purpose of creating sensibility among students regarding such issues and also lends them books from the FCC Library.

Students of the college are felicitated with various scholarships and financial aid to students who are genuinely needy. The scholarships given to students include government-aided scholarship schemes like National Scholarship Portal, Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme, and Student and Aid Fund. Other available scholarships include non-government schemes such as Help the Blind Foundation and the National Institute of Visually Impaired. These aids help the students to ensure that no learner is deprived of the opportunity of education due to physical or financial limitations.

The college also takes the initiative to organize remedial classes for students who require special attention. The intent is to encourage the students to engage in discussions, raise questions, and participate in a learning system outside the regular classroom method. The collective efforts of various departments help in designing a course that goes beyond the regular teaching hours of the college to tackle the challenges that students face in the regular classroom lectures. These classes bridge the gap between the teachers and the students because they offer ease in communication during the learning process.

Student Support

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