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Satyawati College is a premier institution that aims to attain excellence in both academic and non-academic aspects. The holistic development of students is at the core of institutional practices. The college ceaselessly strives to create a robust and congenial environment conducive to innovation and progressiveness. Both academic and extracurricular measures are implemented in accordance with this idea. Freedom of expression, unhindered quest for knowledge, and respect for culture is the hallmark of this college. The college remains committed to yield optimistic, ingenious, resolute, and passionate intellectuals and leaders who will contribute to society’s transformation, and in effect this nation, in every possible way.

It is the resolve of our officiating Principal, Prof. Nirmal Jindal, to take Satyawati college to the next level. Her objective is to make the college one of the best colleges in Delhi University by improving the quality of teaching and research. For this purpose, several initiatives have been taken to introduce technology and digitize the library. The college library has arranged faculty access to the e-resources to DU central library and National Library of Information Services that enables access of thousands of books free of cost, across the world. The college has purchased a zoom subscription that enables the participation of 500 candidates. In order to encourage the environment of interactive and participative education, the emphasis is on organizing National and international webinars on contemporary issues. Faculty members are encouraged to take research projects funded by UGC/ ICSSR. All Departments are allotted separate rooms equipped with a computer and a printer. The college has also developed a dynamic website for complete resource management.


​Satyawati College is committed to providing experiential knowledge that not only enhances the cognitive calibre but also encourages students to build a strong character. In order to achieve the same, the mission of the college is:

  • To foster all-around development of students through a multi-faceted education.

  • The college aims at the welfare of students and staff members.

  • It is striving to develop a girls’ hostel.

  • Develop smart classrooms.

  • Intend to develop an alumni wall of illustrious alumni to inspire its incoming students. It will instil confidence among the current stream of students.

  • To nurture an ecosystem that promotes democratic values, inclusiveness of diverse peoples and cultures, and freedom of expression and creativity

  • To maintain a sustained engagement with local, national, and global communities, and nurture lifelong inspired learners from across the globe in line with our cultural ideal of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’.

  • To promote civic ecology practices on campus and beyond for a sustainable relationship between human community and nature

  • To inculcate critical thinking and add to the pool of knowledge

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